Oh my goodness.

This is going to be super special. Here's a little more info:

Lasercave brings you a fresh new edition of the DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA. The evening's theme is SIGN LANGUAGES, so the selected works investigate and articulate some of the myriad forms language can take: as data, as physical form, as cultural signifier, as code, as sound, etc.

Expect dazzling video art and experimental film from around the world and specially commissioned performance from our own fertile backyard. Without going into too too much detail:

John Niekrasz’s hot shit syllabic drumming, Oliver Laric’s Flash Grandmaster media new trickery, Diane Borsato treating a song like it's a precious breath, Catarina Simoes getting to the point, Ben Russell letting us stare at a sign and letting that sign stare back, Les Leveque re/de-coding Bill Gates, Annie Hall—one of the best comedies ever made—remade and remade and remade and more, more, more (like Stephanie Barber and Frank Zadlo, like James Whipple and Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, like, more).