Winter Wonders

Hi All!

We're having a special afternoon event at Valentines this Sunday! Being the amazing crafter that Lucy is, she has planned a beautiful Holiday Bazaar this year with lovely, local, well-curated (and affordable!) handmade gifts for your friends and family.
We know how draining it can be trudging from store to store to find something for someone special in your life, and although we realize that there are larger craft fairs going on this time of year, we also know from experience that those can be even more overwhelming and stressful than hopping all around town. We thought we'd help out a bit and save you some time by hosting an afternoon with an assortment of beautiful local gifts and, of course, a tasty holiday cocktail with buds while you browse doesn't hurt either. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. We'll be there on Sunday from 3pm until 9pm. Hope to see you!