Thursday, 2/11: Literary Mixtape!

People. Something cool is happening. Our very talented, wordy buddies Erik Blad and Matthew Korfhage have teamed and schemed a series of readings involving notable as well as unknown Portlanders, but here's the catch: They're reading other people's work. For the first installment of Literary Mixtape Erik and Matt will be joined by Pete Swanson (of the very-missed Portland noise band, Yellow Swans).

This will be happening from 7-9pm and then the amazing Sir Tall Selector, Mr. Matthew Yake will be spinning awesome, rare African Psychedelic and High Life records afterward through the evening just for our pleasure.

Call it a lit. mixtape, call it a live fan-zine, call it a good way to spend a grey, Thursday evening before you head out to dance or get inspiration for a new read before you head home to bed.