Liz Haley

SAME SPHERE: never meeting

Perhaps now, comfort is in the privacy of your own virtual identity. In a time where life is performed in front of a camera broadcasting the minute details of daily personal activities, are people revealing more or less? Is the increased fervor for virtual connection a somber echo in the skies of an increasingly ailing society or is the need satiating a long overdue reminder that people the world over are strikingly similar? With technology so pervasive, this unique era brings to light many questions of community, isolation, authenticity and "connection." Are these imagined structures of community an invasion or complement to the natural world?

Liz Haley is a Portland-based artist. She works in video, installation, photography and performance to investigate among other things: progress, quantum physics, meteorology, privacy and love. Haley's work has been exhibited in the Taipei Biennial, Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art/TBA Fest and in New York at Hallwalls and Anthology Film Archive.

Please join us for First Thursday, September 2nd

DJ OBGYN and DJ Gordon Organ (Jen and Josh) will be on hand for a rare DJ team up from 9pm on into the wee hours. We're looking forward to this and hope you can make it!

*This show was originally shown at Pushdot Gallery in May. Due to a cancellation in the art calendar we are graced to be able to show SAME SPHERE: never meeting again here at Valentines.