This Sunday!

Dang, folks. Pretty excited about this one. We've been in cahoots with one of our favorite record labels, Root Strata to bring you a special night of music and film. Root Strata has putting out gorgeous records, books and other projects the last few years and we are totally elated to host this beautiful night with them.

Take a gander at this nice, little website Maxwell rigged up for the evening if you're not fully familiar with what these ones do: Yes! And, of course: Root Strata

Because there are lots of incredible folks on the bill and many of them are coming up from Root Strata's home-base, San Francisco only to take part in this special night, we will be starting things at 9:30 sharp rather than the normal Valentine's "hey man, whatever..." show time. $7 at the door will go to thee performers.

Sincerely hope you can jam with us jammy jammers this Sunday evening. It's looking to be a real special one.