FUN TIMES. Scott, our buddy from Exiled Records and Eat Skull has a new band with Kilynn of Little Claw. They're calling it Futureless Vivid, and knowing how RAD both of their other bands have been, we've been dying to see what these guys are up to together. Tomorrow they make their Valentine's debut.

Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle from Starving Weirdos. Perhaps you were able to catch them at Valentine's a good while back and are already aware of the Starving Weirdos' magic. We are really stoked on what Brian has been churning out as Ensemble Economique and are so happy he decided to make a Portland stop on his travels.

Matt Carlson, who we all know from the incredible Golden Retriever (recently released their first full length on Root Strata. Woot woot! Git it!) will be sharing some solo work that he's been up to.

DJ Spencer D (Operative, Cloaks) will be setting the mood all night in between and after sets. WHAT. See you then!