Tonight, Sunday, April 8th

We are so excited about this one! What the Mercury says about it: "If you're a musician, it's hard to hate a band like Wah Wah Exit Wound... but sometimes you just have to. They're too damn good at their instruments! It's not fair! This power trio from Seattle plays the most puzzling of prog rock as effortlessly as you puts a beer to your lips while lounging in your favorite chair on your day off. Even calling their music prog rock is just hiding it under a convenient umbrella. What's actually underneath is an unchartable amount of influences probably ranging from Immortal to Weather Report, all of which they somehow incorporate into each and every song. Tastefully. Wah Wah Exit Wound's music is so intricate and rhythmically nuanced it could give Rick Wakeman, or even Mozart, an inferiority complex. All right, maybe envy is a better word than hate."