COME ENJOY A DRINK WITH US AS WE CELEBRATE 'THIS IS TO BE LOOKED AT', a photography exhibit at Valentine's. 

Teresa Christiansen lives in Portland Oregon where she is an Assistant Professor at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Teresa is currently making photographs in the studio of constructed sets through which she plays with the notion of re-presentation and the fusion of object and depiction within the picture.

Kaija Cornett. PNCA ‘12
In this body of works, Kaija is compelled by moments when boys think no one is looking. When the cool attitude, and sharp wit are occupied by uncertainty, by vulnerability. The Boys Room as a series, evokes in Kaija a pull of both anxiety, and sarcasm. She is a woman seeking the secrecy of what goes on in the minds of men, when no women are looking.

Melanie Flood was born in 1979 in New York. Two years ago Melanie moved to Portland, Oregon where she rediscovered her own practice.Working within confines of the studio she materialises ideas such as unicorn vomit, formal studies of fluorescent spandex, she constructs still lifes & witnesses cotton candy fossilize.

Christine Taylor choreographs and poses her subjects to bring into question control and power issues experienced in the worlds which they interact. Each image shows an intimate peek into the frustration experienced when trying to have power over the uncontrollable. Her coor palette is primarily of neutral tones, avoiding most bright colors. Some pictures use natural light, others use fabricated lighting; both are used meticulously to enhance the tone and emotional experience taking care to bring focus to the subjects.